Having committed his life to follow Christ after  almost dying, Pastor Pickle made good his commitment to God, and began attending  church regularly.  He searched out Christian bike ministries and began working in and implementing new programs within the ministry.  As he began to expand and reach out in other ways to do God’s work, he decided to start his own ministry so that he could walk the path that God was leading him into. 

 In 2002 he formed Hands With Prayer Motorcycle Ministry.  He took a bold step for Jesus when he went to a bar where he used to frequent, and asked the owner if he could hold Sunday morning services at the bar.  As you might suspect, God had prepared the man’s heart.  His answer to Pastor Pickle was, “If you think that’s a good idea.”  Thus began the first ministry of Hands With Prayer Motorcycle Ministry.  The bar was closed from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Sunday mornings, and services were held to present Jesus to the people who were in attendance at the bar.  Pastor Pickle put out flyers advertising the services, and people came.  Perhaps many, because they were curious, and found it hard to believe that “Pickle”, at least the one they knew, could be the same person.  They discovered he was physically the same, but Jesus had come into his heart, and on the inside, he was definitely a different man.

 In 2005 the bar was sold, and the new owner would not allow the services to be held there.  Perhaps because what Pastor Pickle was selling was in direct conflict with what the bar had to sell.   He began to pray and ask God to show him what to do, because now he had a following.  God opened doors, and donations were given to rent the building. 

 On May, 2007 Pastor Pickle changed the ministry to include a church.  God has blessed HWP Ministry and church.  As time passed HWP rented the space next to the ministry and put in the church, complete with pews, a baptistery, and now even a van to haul children.   When the church first began there were only a couple of children who attended there.  A children’s church was started, and the children’s group began to grown.  On any Sunday, the church served between 50-75 people, with a roll well over 100.   The children’s church served between 30-40 different children.  In 2008 a HWP Cushing, OK chapter was formed.  It is pastored by National Vice President, Tim and his wife Carol.  In 2010 we rented additional space and added a sanctuary for worship services.  God has blessed us with a band called Hands With Prayer Band, and is continuing to grow the church and ministry.

 Sunday morning services were held in the sanctuary from 11:00 to 12:30. Wednesday night Bible Study was held at the Outreach from 7:00 to 8:00. God opened doors that have never been opened before in allowing Pastor Pickle to also become the first Christian Unity Chaplain for many bikers. We are believing God will open doors for a church where His service may continue to grow.
Pastor Pickle has remained faithful, and true to his promise to serve wherever God leads.




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